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Musical Toys.

Multi Djeco Rain Stick

Djeco Rain Stick Multi


Drum roll, please. Our range of musical toys for babies & toddlers will have them learning all about music, whether it’s shaking maracas or tapping xylophones.

Polar Bear Jabadabado Musical Pull

Jabadabado Musical Pull Polar Bear

Copper Green Mint Nattou Octopus Musical Soft Toy

Nattou Octopus Musical Soft Toy Copper Green Mint

Grey Kid's Concept Guitar

Kid's Concept Guitar Grey

Multi Halilit Super Drum

Halilit Super Drum Multi

Wood Petit Collage Wooden Xylophone

Petit Collage Wooden Xylophone Wood

Multi Plan Toys Kazoo

Plan Toys Kazoo Multi

Multi Plan Toys Clatter

Plan Toys Clatter Multi

Multi Janod Confetti  Ukulele

Janod Confetti Ukulele Multi